Start-up of new GAC Treatment System at Well 2

The new treatment system at Well 2 began running in test mode on April 2, 2019.  The system will run in test mode over the next several weeks while we await permitting to restore the well to full service to the system.

Testing the treatment systems and restoring them to service can create sudden surges of water into the system and/or change flow directions in the system.  This can cause iron particulates to dislodge from the inside of water mains and temporarily discolor the water supplying properties in the area of the particular well, similar to when a fire hydrant is opened or system flushing is occurring.

Should you experience discoloration, running water from the lowest fixture  such as on the first floor or basement usually clears any discoloration relatively quickly.  Although the water will not be harmful, from an aesthetic standpoint, property owners may wish to refrain from drinking the water.  It is recommended to refrain from laundry during restoration.   In the event discoloration persist for a prolonged period of time, property owners are encouraged to contact the Authority. 

Once the system stabilizes again, property owners utilizing water softening systems may need to adjust equipment settings.

HWSA would like to express its gratitude to the Horsham community for their patience and understanding over the course of the treatment system construction and this ongoing transition.  In the end, the community will enjoy a much improved quality of drinking water, outperforming not only existing water quality standards , but also the debated existing national standards for PFOS, PFOA and other emerging PFAS compounds.