Estimated bills

If you notice the word "Estimate" on your invoice, you should contact the Authority immediately.  Estimated bills are the result of the Authority not being able to obtain a proper reading from your metering equipment.  This typically occurs when the outside reading device stops working.  Although the outside device may have stopped working, the master meter at the property continues to register usage, which may result in a larger invoice to cover usage that was not picked up during the estimated read.  Once the Authority finds a customer that has been receiving an estimated read, the Authority will begin taking steps to determine why the customer may be receiving an estimated read, this process includes scheduling a site visit to replace equipment.  During the site visit, the Authority will obtain an actual reading from the master meter and will make any necessary adjusts to the customers invoice based on that reading.

While the Authority performs checks to look for estimated reads, due to the volume of customers they are not always immediately caught, therefore the Authority strongly encourages customers to review their invoice and contact the office immediately if they have questions or concerns regarding their billing invoice.