What causes discolored water?

Minerals, sediment, or rust that accumulates in the water mains over time can cause discolored water, usually brown or red.  Disruptions to the water system, such as the opening of a fire hydrant or a main break, can create sudden surges of water into the system that cause the sediment and/or iron particulates to dislodge from the inside of water mains and temporarily discolor the water supplying properties in the immediate area of the disruption.  

Discolored water is not harmful, but just because it is not harmful, it is still not recommended to drink it.  Customers are also encouraged to refrain from doing laundry if discolored water is present, wait until the water clears.

Sudden system disturbance typically clears on its own.  If discolored water persists, you may try to remove it by running the cold water from the lowest fixture in your home, such as the first floor or basement.  If discoloration persists for a prolonged period of time contact the Authority.