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Frequently Asked Questions

Does HWSA provide pool filling or lawn watering credits.

Sewer discounts are not available for filling a pool or watering a lawn.

Has my water meter over registered usage?

Water meters are positive displacement devices, which means they cannot register usage unless water flows through the meter.  Faulty water meters slow down prompting a lower than normal bill.  If you feel your meter is malfunctioning you are welcome to request a meter test.  Meter test costs are dependant upon what size meter you currently have.  All meter test must be paid upfront by the property owner.  Once the meter test has been completed, if the meter fails testing the testing fee will be returned to the customer, if the meter passes the fee collected pays for the cost of the test and will be non-refundable.  Feel free to speak with a Customer Service Representative to discuss this process.

How can I check for leaks?

The first thing HWSA suggests to our customers is check your toilets for a leak.  Toilets are the number one cause for a spike in usage - yes you read that right, in 90% of all high usage inquiries the culprit is a toilet.  Check toilets today with dye tablets or food coloring to find leaks you may not physically be able to see or hear.  

Second, check your meter.  Do you know where your meter is located?  Typically meters are located in a basement, utility closet or crawl space.  Once you have located your meter you must determine the best time to accomodate your test, HWSA typically recommends in the evening when everyone in the home has gone to bed for the evening, but it can be any time the water is not being used for a lengthy time period. 

  • Step 1:  To begin the test simply write down the numbers on the meter (or take a picture with your cell phone)
  • Step 2:  Make sure no one uses any water during the test period - no washing hands, no flushing toilets, no washing clothes, showers, etc.
  • Step 3:  Return to the meter after the selected time period has elapsed - write down the numbers on the meter (or take a picture with your cell phone)
  • Step 4:  Compare the first read with the second read - if there is a difference you have a leak

Is fluoride added to our water?

No HWSA does not add Fluoride to the potable water.  If you feel fluoride is a benefit for you or your family, please speak with your dentist.

What is doxo?

Doxo creates a unique payment page for the utility provider that includes information which could lead customers to believe the utility provider is affiliated with doxo.  Doxo may add their own convenience fees and this has the tendency to frustrate unsuspecting customers and results in them questioning the utility provider.   Doxo uses search engine optimization tactics to display their website as an online payment option, potentially being shown before our online payment portal on search results. Although Horsham Water and Sewer Authority and doxo are not affiliated with each other , doxo is a legitimate business that provides a centralized payment hub and some customers may choose to use them to manage their portfolio of online payments.

What should I do if I believe my bill is too high?

Please contact the office and speak with a Customer Service Representative to discuss possible scenarios and what options are available to you. - (215) 672-8011 Monday through Friday 9AM to 4PM

Why are my payments not going through on the online payment portal?

The following are the most common issues with ACH (online payments) via our website

  1. The checking account number/routing number that were entered are flip flopped - Tip:  routing numbers always have 9 digits.
  2. The account number/routing number is missing a 0 either at the beginning or the end. 

This should rectify the most common ACH payment issues.  If you are still experiencing difficulties, please call the office and a staff member will be happy to assist you.

Some HWSA customers have found that using a Comcast email may result in failure to receive email message due to enhanced security features.  You may need to contact your provider to learn how to disable these features or use a different email provider.

Why do I have low pressure?

Water softners are often the culprit behind low pressure in a home.  Be sure to keep your water softner clean and clog free!  Also, check all faucet aerators (the small mesh screen at the end of the faucet) to ensure they are clean and working properly.  If one of these items has not resolved your low pressure issue, please call the office and speak with a staff member to determine if there are any other known causes for your pressure issue.