Is my drinking water safe?

The water supplied by the Horsham Water & Sewer Authority (HWSA) does meet all standards set by the federal Safe Drinking Water Act guided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) , including the more rigorous standards introduced by the EPA on May 19, 2016 as it relates to PFC levels.
If you have a private well, it is highly recommended that you have your water tested for PFCs. Residents with private wells that have not yet been tested, should contact the Eduardo Rivera at the EPA at 215-514-6887 immediately. Test results can be expected in approximately three weeks after testing and will indicate whether or not there is an elevated level of PFCs in the well. Additionally, a number of private wells are being connected to the public water systems. The HWSA is in the process of extending water mains to those homes where there were no distribution lines. The majority of private well owners affected are located close to the public systems and the HWSA is working swiftly to arrange those connections.

For questions or to report problems: 215-672-8011