What actions has the HWSA taken thus far to safeguard my drinking water?

The HWSA shut down two of the township’s 14 public water supply wells in July 2014 when the wells tested for PFOA and PFOS levels above the 2009 EPA guidance.

When the EPA released its 2016 Lifetime Health Advisory in late May, the HWSA and the Township responded immediately to the changes in guidelines and standards. The HWSA, with the support of Horsham Township and the Horsham Township Council, immediately shut down three additional wells. One of these three wells was shut down to comply with the EPA’s new health advisory. The other two wells, which tested below the most recent Lifetime Health Advisory, were still shut down out of an abundance of caution on the part of HWSA and the Township. The other nine wells that now supply public drinking water across the township have tested significantly below the revised EPA Lifetime Health Advisory levels.

In addition to the five total public wells that HWSA shut down, the United States Navy and the EPA identified approximately 40 additional private wells in Horsham that are at or above the EPA guidance of 70 parts per trillion (ppt). These private well owners are receiving bottled water from the U.S. Navy.

Since the discovery of these emerging contaminants in the local groundwater resources, HWSA and Horsham Township have maintained ongoing communication with EPA, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, the United States Navy and the Pennsylvania National Guard Bureau. We will continue to work in lockstep to ensure our public drinking water is safe.

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