What does the HWSA plan to do with the wells that have been shut off?

HWSA is currently working to install GAC (granular activated carbon) filtration systems onto the wells that have been shut down due to elevated PFC levels. These GAC filters have proven extremely effective in removing PFCs from the water that passes through them, as PFCs adhere to organic carbon. The process of installing these filtration systems is lengthy, as it requires careful, custom engineering and design work, regulatory approval, installation, testing and ongoing maintenance. HWSA is actively working to have these filtration systems installed as expeditiously as possible. HWSA has set a goal to have the first filtration systems installed by the end of 2016. Wells that have been shut down will receive first priority for GAC filtration system installations, but HWSA will evaluate the possibility of installing GAC filtration systems on all 14 public wells in Horsham.

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