Fire Hydrant Information

Fire hydrants are used for extracting water from water distribution systems and pipelines.  Fire hydrants are for fighting fires and flushing the water system. 

Fire hydrants are used for the following purposes:

  • They are the connection point which allow firefighters to quickly tap our water supply in the event of a fire emergency.
  • Water distribution system flushing
  • Flow and pressure testing

Fire hydrants are typically located every 500 feet in a water distribution system.  There are different types and styles of fire hydrants.  HWSA currently uses Kennedy Guardian K81-D.  All hydrants in HWSA's system are painted red and white.  If you find a hydrant that is not painted red and white, that indicates that the hydrant is privately owned and not maintained by HWSA.

HWSA fire hydrants are not to be operated by anyone other than HWSA personnel.  If you see someone operating one of our hydrants, please immediately notify our office at 215-672-8011 or call Horsham Police Department.

During the winter season, HWSA works as quickly as possible to shovel and clear hydrants.  If your home or business is located near a hydrant, HWSA greatly appreciates your help in clearing snow from around a hydrant.

In order to keep our water distribution system operating at its best, HWSA has two fire hydrant programs, a flushing and an inspection program.  To learn more about these programs please visit their individual section of our website.