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Each year, Horsham Water and Sewer Authority (HWSA) performs annual fire hydrant flushing’s.  Flushing’s are typically performed in the fall and occur between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM. 


Our hydrant flushing program is essential to ensure our water system continues to operate at its best.  Flushing provides assurances for proper water flow throughout the system, adequate availability in the event of a fire, and reduces naturally occurring sediment build up. 


Flushing may cause changes in water pressure and/or alter the water’s appearance, including discoloration, cloudiness, or bubbles. Although discolored water is not aesthetically pleasing, the water is safe for use and does not represent a health hazard. HWSA encourages customers to look for changes in water variations prior to each use.  Customers are encouraged to refrain from use and doing laundry if work crews are visible in your area.  Should discolored water persist outside of scheduled work hours, you may wish to flush your homes plumbing system for a few minutes. This should be done running COLD water from the lowest fixture.  This will typically relieve any trapped air or sediment.   If water variations persist, please contact the Authority at 215-672-8011.           


For more information regarding flushing, please visit our flushing FAQs.