The Horsham Water and Sewer Authority is a community water and sewer system serving a population of approximately 23,000 people within the Township of Horsham.  The Water Authority was organized in 1954 to provide water service, and the Sewer Authority was organized in 1963 to provide sewer service in the Township.

The Horsham Water and Sewer Authority is a body corporate and politic organized in 1963 as the Township of Horsham Sewer Authority, by the Township of Horsham, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, (the “Township”) under the Municipal Authorities Act of 1945, approved May 2, 1945, PL. 382 as amended (the “Act”).  In 1997, the Authority acting in conjunction with the Horsham Water Authority (the “Water Authority”) and the Township determined to take the necessary authorizing actions to consolidate the water and sewer service functions being separately performed by the Authority and the Water Authority.  The Township by Ordinance dated October 7, 1997, took necessary authorizing action to amend the Authority’s Articles of Incorporation to reconstitute and rename the Authority.  The reconstituted and renamed Authority has the power to construct, finance, operate and maintain water and sewer systems.  On November 24, 1998, the Authority purchased all assets of the Water Authority and assumed all of the liabilities of the Water Authority.


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