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Water Quality Advisory for Commercial/Industrial Buildings in Horsham!

The “stay-at-home” advisory issued in Pennsylvania as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic will significantly alter the normal drinking water demand patterns within the township.  While an increase in demand is expected within residential properties, the opposite is expected to occur in the vicinity of, and within, commercial and industrial buildings.  Reduced water demand results in longer detention time for the water in the plumbing networks in buildings.  Longer detention times in turn can result in a degradation of the drinking water quality.  The Horsham Water & Sewer Authority (HWSA) strongly recommends that owners/operators of commercial and industrial properties take measures to “refresh” the drinking water within their properties by systematically flushing the plumbing pipes using all the water taps in the building on a regular basis, at least weekly during the COVID-19 restrictions.  Flushing of the plumbing will be especially important to take prior to reopening any building for regular occupancy following the relaxation of the COVID-19 emergency measures.  Contact a plumber or engineer for assistance if needed and feel free to contact HWSA with any questions concerning this advisory.

HWSA will be periodically flushing hydrants in areas of the township that are predominantly non-residential as well to ensure that the water in the mains is kept fresh during this period. In concert with each building flushing their plumbing regularly, these measures should help prevent any water quality degradation from occurring.  We also encourage all building owners to contact us immediately of any low water pressures or unusual taste and/or odor to the drinking water at 215.672.8011. 

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