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500 Block Moreland Avenue Sewer Extension

Project Status


2/21/23 -

Past Updates

3/9/21 - PADEP has directed HWSA to evaluate the need for public sewer in this area.  In 2016-2017 HWSA performed a survey to gauge property owner interest in the Authority constructing a sewer extension.  At that time, there was not a majority interest so the Authority did not move forward with the project.  Interest in a sewer extension will be reassessed as part of this evaluation, but this process is more in-depth than the prior survey and was directed by DEP.  Prior correspondence indicated that the door to door survey would begin in April, however that part of the process has been accelerated and will begin on March 8, 2021.  An Authority representative will be present for the door to door survey along with a survey crew that will be identifying surface features such as large trees and structures, locating septic systems and measuring door sill elevations for each building.  Please be aware that a decision with respect to the extension of sewers has not been made.  The information being gathered at this time is for the purpose of preparing the required report to DEP. 


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