County Line Road Area Infrastructure Improvements Project

Update 3/26/20

Keith Valley Road Closure Announcement - Weather permitting, Keith Valley Road between County Line Road and Horsham Road is scheduled to be closed to thru traffic on 4/1 & 4/2/2. The road will be open only to local businesses on Keith Valley Road, but some delays associated with traffic control may be experienced. Truck traffic except local deliveries will be prohibited during this time. Signage providing notification of the closure will be posted. – Click here to view the map

Past Updates


County Line Road

Work Completed between to 3/6/2020 and 3/13/2020

  • Connected new water main to the existing water main in County Line Road. Completed the force main connection to the existing manhole in County Line Road, and completed pressure testing of the force main
  • All 3,200LF of 6-inch force main and 3,000LF of 8-inch water main have been installed
  • Completed installation and pressure testing of force main piping from valve vault to gate valve at contract limit; completed removal of trees along driveway entrance near location of yard hydrant water service line; installed yard hydrant and water service piping except connection to curb stop which is to be completed by A&H; began installation of wet well discharge piping and pump base elbows

Work Projected for the week of 3/16/20

  • Work includes testing the water main
  • Installing interior piping, fittings, and equipment in the wet well and valve vault
  • Scheduling and performing inspection of conduit and transformer pad with Township Code Enforcement Officer

3/6/20 - Almeida and Hudak is planning to complete the tie-in of the water main and force main in County Line Road  at Latchstring on Monday March 9, 2020.  While no lane closures are anticipated, traffic delays are expected in the area.  This work is scheduled to occur during the hours of 9am - 3pm.

2/28/2020 and 3/6/2020

  • Installed gate valves on the water main in Sherwood Lane and relocated a tree along Sherwood Lane.
  • Doghouse Manhole base and riser sections installed, channel and overflow weir to be completed with future work; gravity sewer main installed between doghouse manhole and wet well; installed force main piping between wet well and valve vault; began installation of sanitary force main and fittings from valve installed by A&H towards valve vault
  • Installed conduit from existing utility pole at Redgum Lane to location of transformer pad; excavated and stabilized soil and stone fill for installing transformer pad

Week of 3/9/20

  • Work in County Line Rd will begin Monday. Work includes connecting the new water main to the existing water main and connecting the force main to an existing manhole.
  • Complete installation of force main to valve vault, remove pine trees along proposed yard hydrant water service line, installation of interior piping
  • Construct concrete transformer pad, coordinate transformer installation with PECO, install buried conduit within pump station site.


  • Continued sanitary force main and water main work, completed main installation in Latchstring Lane. Approximately 600LF of force main and 600LF of water main and 2 fire hydrants along Sherwood Lane have been installed during this period.
  • Finished installation of wet well structure; completed sealant tests of concrete structures; installed 3” drain line from valve vault to wet well; begun backfill and compaction between concrete structures.
  • One-Call performed to mark placement of electrical conduit and pump station transformer.

Work expected next week – (3/2/20)

  • No work expected as contractor coordinates with PennDOT for work in County Line Road.
  • Installing sanitary force main piping from end of Springbrook Lane to entrance of valve vault and interior features of both structures.
  • Coordinating with PSI for start of construction.


Week of 2/4/20 – 2/21/20

  • Continued sanitary force main and water main work, completed main installation in Sherwood Lane. Approximately 1600LF of force main and 1600LF of water main have been installed during this three week period.
  • Mobilized to the work site on 2/10, completed installation of temporary fencing and E&S controls, begun excavation and placement of valve vault and wet well precast concrete structures, the 4” water service line to Hideaway Swim Club was impacted by excavation and is being coordinated between G&A, HWSA, and the contractor.

Work expected the week of 2/24/20

  • Finishing sanitary force main and water main installation in Sherwood Lane and continuing onto Latchstring Lane towards County Line Road.
  • Structural testing of valve vault and wet well, backfilling around structures, installing piping between valve vault and wet well, installing interior features of both structures
  • Coordinating PA One-Call for utilities along proposed electrical conduit to pump station site.


  • Continued sanitary force main and water main work, completed main installation in Springbrook Lane and Maple Ave. Approximately 800LF of force main and 800LF of water main has been installed during this two week period.
  • Continuing sanitary force main and water main installation in Sherwood Lane.
  • Mobilizing and starting work with clearing for the Springbrook Lane Pump Station on Monday, February 10th.

2/5/20 – Work has now shifted from Maple Ave to Sherwood Lane.  Sherwood Lane will be open to local traffic, however there will be lane restrictions and possible road closures as work continues.  Delays in this area should be expected.

1/30/20 - The Springbrook Lane Pump Station contractor, PSI, plans to mobilize on Monday, February 10th, with initial work including clearing of the easement and establishment of Erosion and Sedimentation Controls.  No work on site is planned for the week of February 3, 2020, other than possible equipment delivery.  PSI is coordinating their work with the ongoing pipe work being performed by Almeida & Hudak.

1/28/20 -  Lane Restrictions/Road Closures anticipated on Maple Aveue through 2/7/20!

  • Phase I - closures will take place from 7AM - 4PM (Monday through Friday) until approximately 2/7/20
  • Phase II - restoration will take place in the Spring of 2020
  • All emergency personnel, school buses, trash service, and local residents will be accomodated during work hours.

1/27/20 -  Water & Sewer work is anticipated to begin on Tuesday 1/28/20 on Maple Ave between Springbrook and Sherwood Lane.  Expect delays!  Updates will be provided when additional information becomes available.

  • 1/10/20 to 1/24/20 - Started sanitary force main and water main work beginning at the cul-de-sac of Springbrook Lane. Approximately 100LF of force main and 100LF of water main has been installed.
  • Work projected over the next 2 weeks – Continuing sanitary force main and water main installation in Springbrook Lane and beginning installation in Maple Avenue.
  • Plans and specifications are being finalized for new and replacement water main in Cedarbrook Village, with advertisement for bids anticiapted in late February 2020 and construction commencing in late Spring/early Summer.

10/25/19 - County Line Road Area Infrastructure Improvements in conjunction with Area A Flow Transfer tentative construction schedule announced!  Click here for construction schedule

Mobilization for the portion of the sanitary sewer and water main replacement work from Sprinbrook to Latchstring Lane via Sherwood Lane is tentatively scheduled for early January 2020.  The schedule for the installation of the pump station at the end of Springbrook Lane has not yet been established but will be posted as soon as it becomes available.


10/21/19 - On October 28, 2019, Horsham Township Council will be holding a public hearing for the grant of an easement to the Authority through Clearbrook Park for the purpose of constructing a new 8” water line.  The water line will improve water flow in the system by “looping” the water mains in Linda Lane and Diane Avenue to Clayton Road.  The meeting will be held at the Horsham Township building at 1025 Horsham Road at 7:00 PM.

About this project:

10/15/19 - Notice to proceed for the Authority’s Area A Flow Transfer Project and the first phase of the County Line Road Area Infrastructure Improvement projects has been issued.  The project is scheduled to be ongoing throughout the winter with completion anticipated in late April/early May 2020.  An anticipated construction sequence will be posted in the coming weeks.

9/2019 - In order to minimize construction impact to residents, the first phase of the County Line Road Area Infrastructure Improvements project is being performed in conjunction with another project known as the Area A Flow Transfer.

Water main replacements will be occurring in the areas depicted in the map below.  If you are currently connected to the water mains being replaced, your water service will ultimately be disconnected from the existing main and reconnected to the new main.  This work will take place entirely within the Township right of way and does not involve disturbance to your private property.  There is no cost to the affected property owners for this work, but when the time comes for water service to be switched over to the new main, there will be a short interruption in service, in the range of 1-2 hours.  This work will occur toward the end of the project, and will be coordinated directly with the affected property owners at that time. 

With this water and sewer construction project access to properties via County Line Road may be affected.  The Area A work area involves installation of water and sewer mains in the following streets: Springbrook Lane, Maple Ave from Springbrook to Sherwood Lane, Sherwood Ln to Latchstring Ln, and Latchstring Ln to County Line Rd, and then continuing west on County Line Rd. Work is expected to begin within the next several weeks and will be ongoing for a period of approximately six months.  Road closure is not anticipated, but traffic controls will be in place and lanes will be restricted as necessary throughout the project area.  As always, access to local traffic, emergency services and school buses will be maintained.  

Horsham Water & Sewer Authority is planning an upgrade to its water infrastructure in the areas depicted on the conceptual map.

Click here to view the map

This will include a combination of water main replacement, relining and additional water main installation to improve water quality and flow. Please be aware that the precise route for the proposed new water main shown in pink on the map has not yet been determined. As part of the design work on behalf of the Authority, surveyors working for the Authority’s consulting engineering firm, Gilmore & Associates may be present in the proposed areas of work.




Status Update (chronological):