Fire Hydrant Replacement Project

Update: 5/9/22 

Work previously completed:

  • Hydrants replaced on Calabria Lane, Hemingway Drive and Cedar Hill Road

Work Scheduled for week of 5/9/22:

  • Hydrants will be replaced on Lower State Road and Charter Lane

Past Updates: 


Week of 3/7/22

  • Hydrant installation occurred on Cedar Hill Road and Charter Lane

Week of 3/14/22

  • Hydrants installation will occur on Cedar Hill Road, Squire Drive, and Landis Drive at Lower State


Week of 2/28/22

  • Fire hydrants were replaced on Vestry Drive and Cedar Hill Road

Week of 3/7/22

  • The Contractor anticipates working on hydrants located on Cedar Hill Road


Week of 2/21/22

  • Fire Hydrants were replaced on Glenn Acres Dr at Lower State, and Constitution Way

Week of 2/28/22

  • Fire Hydrants on Cedar Hill Road will be replaced


Week of 2/14/22

  • Fire hydrants were replaced on Marietta Dr., Cedar Hill Rd, and Glenn Acres Dr. 

Week of 2/21/22 

  • The Contractor anticipates working at hydrants on Glenn Acres Dr. and Landis Dr. at Lower State Rd. 


Work completed the week of 1/10/22:

  • Hydrants on Hemingway, Marietta, Midfield and Willowbrook

Work projected for the week of 1/17/22:

  • Hydrants on Marietta, Cedar Hill and Landis


Work began on Willowbrook Drive and Midfield Drive.  Calabria Drive and Hemingway Lane are the next replacement locations.


Project Overview:  This project consists of all labor, equipment and materials to replace 26 existing hydrants and associated piping in various locations in the Township.  AKC Mechanical has been awarded the contract to complete this work.

Anticipated work schedule



Status Update (chronological):