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Meter Exchange Program

Project Status


5/15/23 - A follow up 2nd notice has been issued to all large meter customers that have not yet scheduled their appointment.

Past Updates:

4/13/23 - HWSA's meter exchange program has kicked off.  Appointment scheduling is now open to all  customers with a meter size of 1.5" or greater.  Official notice will be mailed out to customers on 4/14/23.

Overview:  HWSA has partnered with Core & Main and Vepo Solutions, LLC. to install new Sensus water meters in every home and business in our service area.  Water meter replacement is essential because like all things, they age.  The American Water Works Association (AWWA) recommends residential water meter replacement every 20 years, and for large water meters at specific intervals dependent on meter size.  The new water meters are part of an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system.  With no moving parts, the new water meters maintain their accuracy over a 20-year lifetime.  The new AMI system will provide real time information that is not currently available through the Authority's current metering system.  This includes on demand readings, diagnostic alarms, leak detection and optimized performance to aid in delivering information to our customers.  This program is projected to begin in 2022 and last through 2024.  All work will occur in phases based on property locations.  Customers will receive a bill stuffer prior to work beginning in their area.  In addition, controlled mailings will be issued to customers based on strategically planned phases, scheduling and inventory availability.  Participation is mandatory for all HWSA customers, and there is no charge to perform this required upgrade.



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