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MIRIA House Connections Phase 2

Project Status

Update: 11/22/22

The Authority has awarded a contract to DOLI Construction Corporation, of Chalfont, PA to perform connections to the public water supply. The scope of work includes the installation of a service connection to the existing water main fronting individual properties, connection of the home to the new service and permanent abandonment of the existing well.  Additional communication will be provided as more definitive information, including scheduling, becomes available.  Due to supply chain disruptions, materials needed for the work are on lengthy backorder.

Some VERY important facts to keep in mind:

  • As the project starts to move forward, the contractor will reach out to individuals directly to coordinate access to the home to determine the best location for the service to enter the structure and to document preconstruction conditions via video and/or photographs.
  • There are 76 connections being performed in areas spread throughout the entire Township.  Accordingly, connections will occur over a period of several months and the connection sequence is determined by the contractor.
  • It is most likely that individual connections will not occur from start to finish over consecutive days.  Work may be performed in a step-wise fashion over a period of several weeks as different crews and/or equipment perform certain tasks.  Strictly for illustrative purposes, the service line in the street may be installed first and it may be weeks before the contractor returns to install the service line from the street to the foundation.  Thereafter, a DOLI subcontracted registered plumber (James Diem Plumbing) will perform the physical connection inside the home and switch over to public water.  Well abandonment will be performed separately by a DOLI subcontracted PA licensed well driller (Quality Water and Well Services).
  • In accordance with the Connection Agreement and Temporary Access and Construction Easement, final restoration consists of a one-time raking and reseeding.  Any additional raking and seeding that may be necessary after final restoration will be the responsibility of the property owner.  Any trees or shrubbery that is required to be removed or disturbed as part of the connection will not be replaced.
  • Further, final restoration is generally not performed until all homes under the contract have been connected so it is likely that lawns will not be fully restored for months.  Please plan accordingly for events at your property as we cannot guarantee the timing of restoration.

HWSA encourages residents to sign up for email updates on the project.  You may do so by going to the Authority’s website at entering your contact information, scroll down to the projects section and select “MIRIA House Connections Phase 2”.