Navy House Connections Project

Update: 3/15/22

Week of 3/7/22

  • Final well abandonments were completed

Future work

  • All necessary restoration will take place in the spring, as weather permits

Past Updates:


Week of 2/21/22

  • The well driller abandoned eight wells. 
  • All houses are connected.

Week of 2/28/22

  • Well abandonments will continue, weather permitting. 


Week of 2/14/22

  • Last week the plumber connected 5 houses.
  • The well driller pulled pumps last week, but did not abandon any wells.

Week of 2/21/22  

  • Final house connection of this project will be completed
  • Well abandonments are scheduled, weather dependent.


Week of 2/7/22

  • 8 houses connected
  • A total of 27 houses have been connected
  • 15 wells were abandoned

Week of 2/14/22

  • Connection is anticipated for the 5 remaining homes
  • Well abandonment will continue


Week of 1/31/22

  • The plumber connected 5 houses
  • 19 houses have been connected to date

Week of 2/7/22  

  • Additional connections are scheduled for the upcoming week
  • The well driller is expected to start abandoning wells this week, weather dependent


Work completed as of 2/1/22

  • 15 homes have been connected to date
  • The well driller began pulling well pumps from connected homes

Work projected

  • 5 connections scheduled the week of 2/1/22
  • Well abandonments are anticipated to begin during the week of 2/7/22 or 2/14/22, weather dependent


  • The contractor completed service connections for all 33 residential properties
  • Houses connections were made on Privet Road and Prospect Avenue - 10 homes have been connected so far
  • House connections will continue this week
  • The well driller has begun pulling


Week of 1/10/22

  • The contractor (Doli) continued working on service connections.  15 services were installed to homes on Norristown Rd, Sawmill Ln, Edgewood Ave, Willowbrook Rd, Evergreen Rd, Davis Grove Rd, and Avenues C and D.  House connections continue to follow service connections. 

Week of 1/18/22

  • Service and house connections continue

Status Update (chronological):