Sanitary Sewer Repair & Rehabilitation Project

Update: 4/16/21This project will be conducted in phases with a total of 3 phases.  Properties listed in the weekly description will indicate what phase of work is being conducted.  By clicking on the phase descriptions below, you can learn more about what can be expected in each phase.  Since this project is phase work, it is very important to keep in mind you will see crews visit your street on more than one occassion.  If your street is mentioned in the weekly schedule, work may or may not occur near your home.  Recommendations should be practiced if you notice crews on your street.  Please keep in mind work dates/areas are scheduled in advance and may change due to unforseen circumstances (such as weather) that would prevent real-time notifications, we appreciate your understanding.

WEEKLY WORK UPDATE: All work referenced below is expected to occur during the hours of 7AM and 5PM.

  • Tuesday 4/20 – Marilyn Dr. (Lining)
  • Wednesday 4/21 – Marilyn Dr. (Lining)
  • Thursday 4/22 – Lorna Rd (Lining)
  • Friday 4/23 – Blair Mill Road (Lining)
  • ***NAP Project Manager:  Kelvin Ithier 848-299-9735


  3. PHASE III – GROUTING & REPAIR (if applicable)

Past Updates:


Horsham Water & Sewer Authority has contracted with North American Pipeline Services LLC for sewer rehabilitation work in your area.  Work is expected for Monday March 1st between the hours of 7 AM and 7 PM.  The contractor will be using trenchless technology to renew aging sewers without the need to excavate, which means less mess, less disruption and less time spent on your street.  During the installation period, which lasts approximately 8-12 hours, your houses connection to the sewer in the street will be temporarily blocked off.  We kindly ask that you limit the use of running water in your home during these hours.  In order to prevent sewer backups, heavy water usage such as laundry, long showers, baths or running sink water for extended periods is not recommended.  You may want to place a heavy object on the lid of your toilet bowl, as high pressure water jetting may cause disruption or bubbling in the water bowl.  If you have a sump pump connected to your sewer drain please disconnect the hose or piping and redirect to your lawn, driveway or other drainage area.  During the lining process, you may notice a glue like smell which is nontoxic and will dissipate once windows are opened and fresh air is introduced.   CLICK HERE FOR WORK DETAILS

Past Updates:

Beginning in January 2021 - this project includes cleaning, televising and lining of existing sewer lines within the HWSA system.  The cleaning and televising portion of this project will have no impact on individual customers.  Customers will be notified if there are any expected service interruptions.

Status Update (chronological):