Streambank Stabilization Project

Update 6/14/19

Punchlist inspections were performed at all 3 sites. 

In some areas the vegetative restoration has not yet taken.   The contractor has been notified that this needs to be addressed prior to project closeout.  

There is a 24-month maintenance bond during which time contractors are held responsible for any work that may need to be addressed.



Streambank Stabilization Project 2019 (Project Overview)

The purpose of this project is to protect the existing sanitary sewer manholes and pipes at three separate locations within the Township where streambank erosion has occurred - Meetinghouse Road, Sawmill Lane, and Blackwatch Court.

Restoration/stabilization measures include live staking and placement of rip rap.  Rip rap is a rocky material used on steep slopes and along the water's edge to protect from scour and erosion.  Live staking re-establishes a root network along the stream banks and helps absorb rain water and prevent further soil loss.  

The contract for the project has been awarded to Eagle Contracting Inc. of Chester Springs, PA.  Commencement of the project is uncertain at this time due to the current degree of ground saturation. 

Please be aware that the contractor is required to provide documentation of pre-construction conditions in order to ensure that disturbed areas are properly restored.  Accordingly, prior to the work, videotaping will occur in each of the areas.  

Work will take place within existing permanent and temporary access and staging easements as depicted below. 

Work will occur between 7 AM and dusk, Monday through Friday.  It is not currently anticipated that work will take place on Saturdays, however should unforeseen circumstances arise, Saturday work would not begin until 8 AM.

Once work begins and dependent upon weather conditions, stabilization will take approximately 2-3 weeks to complete at each site.  During the period while the stabilization work is being performed, there will be some equipment left in the immediate work areas. Because there are multiple sites, the contract provides for a total of 180 days from the start date to complete the work. Upon completion of work, disturbed areas will be restored and temporary access easements will expire.

Applewood/Sawmill Area Map

Meetinghouse Road Area Map



Status Update (chronological): 

New Update - 5/8/19