Treatment System Update


Transitioning from the Short Term to Long Term Plan      

Projected Completion Schedule

Work Completed during Week of 5/6/19

  • Well 2 – no work
  • Well 20 – no work
  • Well 22 – no work
  • Well 4 – seeded the grounds of the site and aided in the start-up process of the site
  • Well 19 – painted the interior pipes
  • Aqua Interconnect – poured the concrete floor for the treatment building and continued to lay water pipe
  • Aqua Interconnect – finished installation of electrical manhole by Welsh Road including conduit from treatment building
  • Well 4aided in the start-up process of the site

Work Projected for Week of 5/13/19

  • Well 2 – no work planned
  • Well 20 – fixing the paint for both the interior and exterior pipes
  • Well 22 – no work planned
  • Well 4 – painting the interior pipes
  • Well 19 – aiding in the start-up process of the site
  • Aqua Interconnect – delivering and installing interior filter vessels, continuing with the masonry associated with the treatment building, complete tie-ins for the new water pipe
  • Well 19aiding in the start-up process of the site

5/7/19 - Well 20 - Restoration of service was performed, additional work will continue on 5/8/19 and may periodically occur throughout the coming weeks (click here to view map of the impacted area)

5/8/19 - Well 4 - this well will be running in test mode, additional work will continue periodically throughout the coming weeks (click here to view map of the impacted area)

PFAS Action Act of 2019 -


Below please click on each individual well number to view a video of the progress

Well 2               Well 4                  Well19              Well20                 Well 22


Status Update (chronological): 

Treatment Systems Update