Treatment System Update 12/6/19

Work Completed up to 12/5/19

  • Well 2 – Removed silt sock in the easement, caulked gap between backwash tank and concrete pad and repaired issue with the door for the new FRP aeration building thus finishing punch list items for this site
  • Well 19 – Finished installation of exterior stairs and railings, Addressed Punch List Items including seeding
  • AQUA IC – Completed tie-in by the interconnect meter pit, tested water lines, Carbon delivered, installed water heater, emergency eyewash/shower, and sink and began related plumbing, continued installation of chlorination equipment piping and pulsafeeder, graded and seeded the site, installed fence
  • Well 20 – Reviewed the issue with starter for the chlorine booster pump and the issue with one of the heater
  • Well 22 – Installed the emergency lighting replacement
  • Well 4 – Installed intrusion switches
  • Well 19 - Installed intrusion switches and reviewed issue with the starter for the chlorine booster pump
  • AQUA IC – Continued the wiring of installed electrical equipment including intrusion switches, lighting, and panels, Power restored to interconnect building on 12/3 (Entire site at 132 Welsh Road powered), Chart Recorder installed, continued placing conduit and fiber to interconnect meter pit

Work Projected for Week of 12/9/19

  • AQUA IC – Finish plumbing to eyewash/shower, aid in start-up testing
  • AQUA IC – Finish connecting interconnect meter pit to SCADA, aid in start-up testing, and finish wiring

Transitioning from the Short Term to Long Term Plan      

Projected Completion Schedule

PFAS Action Act of 2019 -


Below please click on each individual well number to view a video of the progress

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