Sewer Service

The Authority’s wastewater treatment plan divides the Township into five drainage districts, designated Areas A, B, C, D and E.  Areas A, B and C are located in the southern and eastern portions of the Township, where natural flow or drainage is easterly in the direction of Pennypack Creek. Areas D and E comprise the central and western portions of the Township, respectively and drain northerly in the direction of Neshaminy Creek.

The Authority’s initial collection system serving Area A was initiated in 1964 and completed in 1967.  The collection systems for Areas B and C were completed in 1971 and 1972, respectively.  Pursuant to an agreement dated July 16, 1959 and subsequently amended, (the Capacity Agreement) between the Authority and the Upper Moreland-Hatboro Joint Sewer Authority (the “Joint Authority”), sewage collected from Areas A, B and C is treated in a sewage treatment plant owned by the Joint Authority.

Under the Capacity Agreement, the Authority has rights to approximately 29.907% of the Joint Authority’s treatment plant’s capacity of 7 million gallons per day.  The Authority’s share of costs of operation of the Joint Authority’s plant are in proportion to the amount of sewage attributable to the Authority.  The cost of maintenance and repairs is apportioned on the same basis as was used in calculating the Authority’s capital contribution with respect to the construction and subsequent upgrading of the Joint Authority’s plant.  Sewage is treated to the tertiary level at the Joint Authority’s plant as required under an order issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

In 1986, the authority purchased the Wichard Sewage Treatment Plant to provide wastewater treatment in Area D.  The Wichard Plant had been built privately and was originally designed to service a single residential development.  In 1991, the Authority completed construction of its Park Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant which has a total permitted capacity of 500,000 gallons per day (0.50 mgd).  The completion of the Park Creek Plant and the construction of interceptor sewer lines allowed the Authority to divert wastewater flow to the Park Creek Plant and to demolish the Wichard Plant.  The location of the Park Creek Plant allows wastewater to flow by gravity to the plant.  The Authority owns and operates two pumping stations in Area D to connect various developments with the Authority’s sewer interceptor lines.

The Authority began construction in 1997, to upgrade the Park Creek Plant to a total permitted capacity of 1.0 mgd. The plant expansion is now completed.  The Authority expects to use cash flow from operations to finance the construction of additional interceptor and collection lines. The Authority’s practice has been to require developers to construct wastewater collection lines and any pumping stations required to connect their developments to the Authority’s sewer lines and to transfer ownership of the pumping stations and collection lines to the Authority after completion.  The Authority does not have any current plans to issue debt following the issuance of the Bonds to finance additional capital improvements to its system.


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