Surcharge Information

December 2017 - The PFC Surcharge has been reduced.  In preparing HWSA's 2018 budget, all additional operating costs to date that are directly associated with the short and long term plans were carefully accounted.  Due to strict cost control measures, it was determined that the surcharge could be lowered.  Although there is always the chance the fee could increase (or even decrease again) depending on cost of material, service operation fees, as well as the cost to HWSA to provide all aspects of the filtration systems while fulfilling the short and long term plans, the  Authority remains vigilant in its pursuit of military funding.  Costs will continue to be evaluated as we carry out the long and short term plans.  Upon full implementation of the long term plan, the future of the surcharge will be determined.

PFC Surcharge Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Secretary of Defense letter 10.17.16

Thank you letter from Senator Casey 10.17.16

 Navy response to military funding request 09.30.16

 PFC surcharge breakdown

PFC surcharge notice 9.2.16         

Military funding request letter to Department of Defense 09.09.16

Cover letter to State and Federal Delegation 09.09.16

Military funding request letter to Navy 09.12.16

Military funding request letter to National Guard Bureau and Air Force 09.12.16

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