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Water Tapping Fees



The Distribution/Capacity portions of the Authority’s water tapping fees are based on meter size and are as follows:

Meter Size (inches)

Water EDU equivalent

Water Tapping Fee

5/8 x 3/4

























WATER: capacity $11.13, collection $5.04, 165.1 gal/unit/day

Willowbrook, Davis Grove and Evergreen – Keith Valley to first hydrant past Willowbrook Rd

Above referenced streets





The Distribution/Capacity portions of the Authority’s water tapping fees are based on meter size and are as follows:

  1. 5/8” x 3/4” – Two Thousand Six Hundred Dollars ($2,600.00)  
  1. 3/4” – Three Thousand Dollars ($3,000.00)                                           
  1. 1” - Seven Thousand Two Hundred Dollars ($7,200.00)                        
  1. 1 1/2” - Nineteen Thousand Two Hundred Dollars ($19,200.00)           
  1. 2” – Thirty-Six Thousand Dollars ($36,000.00)                                   
  1. 3” – Fifty-Nine Thousand Eight Hundred Dollars ($59,800.00)            
  1. 4” - One Hundred Eighty Six Thousand Dollars ($186,000.00)           
  1. 6” – Three Hundred Seventy Three Thousand ($373,000.00)           

Water tapping fee amounts reflected are capacity/distribution tapping fee ONLY and are NOT inclusive of connection and customer facility fees.  The connection and customer facility fees are variable based on size and length of service, varying restoration requirements based on location of water main to which tap is being installed, as well as current labor & material rates.  All costs incurred incident to the installation of the meter and service connection from the main to the curb/ROW (or, if necessary, from the curb/ROW to the structure) as well as administration will be charged to the property owner/customer.  Total cost to connect to water will be calculated upon application for water service. 

In a development where developer installs service from main to curb or property line, there is no connection fee charged by the Authority.  Developer determines desired service size and is responsible to pay the respective tapping fee and customer facilities fee.

Every water service, including fire services, must be metered.  All meters must be approved by the Authority and an application must be submitted and approved by the Authority for water service.

The Authority water service application and well abandonment observation fee is $100.

In the case of private water systems and/or multiple water services (preceded by compound or combination meter(s), the tapping fee is based upon the greater of the low flow, domestic component, or bypass meter size of the compound or combination meter(s), or the total of the fees resulting from the fee accompanying the meter size(s) that would be provided to each individual domestic service regardless of whether each service is independently metered.  Any non-residential customer with extended hours of business or utilizing shift-work, will be subject to paying multiples of the tapping fee based upon duration of the extended hours or the number of shifts utilized.

Fire service connection fee is based on actual time and material cost for installation of tapping sleeve and valve, restoration, and meter.  No water capacity tapping fee is charged for fire services that are entirely separate from the domestic service. 

Seasonal usage for camps, recreational pursuits, and similar activities operated or conducted by not for profit entities possessing a designation as a 501(c)(3) entity may pay pro-rated water tapping fees as follows:

  • 90 consecutive days or less                 25%
  • 91-180 consecutive days                     50%
  • 181 consecutive days or more            100%

Meter pit(s) may be required as per Authority specifications and are to be provided by customer.

Sewer connections that require a main saddle installation or connect directly to a manhole, if permitted as per Authority specifications, must be coordinated with both HWSA and Horsham Township Code Enforcement.  Such connections are subject to $100 fee for HWSA observation during connection (this is separate from the Horsham Township’s plumbing permit fee).

Those properties which contain more than one dwelling unit, including in-law suites or apartments detached from the primary dwelling unit, shall be required to pay a tapping fee for each dwelling unit on the property.    

Tapping fees may be waived, at the Authority’s discretion, for the incorporating municipality for those projects providing a public benefit to the public at large.  


Sunoco – 1406 Welsh – owe recapture for sewer collection portion of tapping fee for 1440 & 1444 Welsh.  Expires 10 years from date of dedication.  Deduct 5% admin from the sewer collection amount above before issuing payment to developer.

Heinrich – owe recapture for water distribution portion of tapping fee for 518, 523, 524, & 525 Mullin Road & sewer collection portion of tapping fee for 518, 523, 524, & 525 Mullin Road.  Expires 10 years from date of dedication.  Deduct 5% admin from the water distribution amount above before issuing payment to developer.